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Welcome to Opportunity.

CRTechnical has created a business model based upon being the central-source for discovering specific talent for most any need.

Whether you represent a company requiring certain skill-sets, or an individual looking for new career advancements, CRTechnical can help. With decades of combined experience, multiple locations and global connections; CRTechnical exists to provide client companies and career job seekers with one grand objective: opportunity.

Your move.

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Providing the expertise to identify and find the best, most talented professionals to perfectly meet the needs of our clients.


“Our relationship with CRTechnical has garnered many of the top candidates in their respective areas of expertise. CRTechnical always goes the extra mile to present people that match our criteria perfectly.”

Featured Services

> 50 years of combined professional expertise

> Specializing in the “hard to find” person

> Unique individuals to upgrade skill-levels *Personality/Culture Matching

> Management. Engineering. IT. Marketing. Sales