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From New York City to Buenos Aires, from San Francisco to Dubai, CRTechnical boasts one of the widest networks of exceptional businesses and the remarkable candidates to meet specific requirements. No matter where you might be now, CRTechnical can assist you.

Working with CRTechnical is an impactful experience for those seeking new opportunities. The reason centers on our overwhelming desire to make sure all candidates we represent receive exactly what they want and deserve. We seek the “best of the best” in their field of expertise.

Could you be a perfect match? We can assist you in finding the right position within your area of expertise. For over 30 years, the legacy of CRTechnical has been built with one success at a time...again and again.



Providing the expertise to identify and find the best, most talented professionals to perfectly meet the needs of our clients.


“Our relationship with CRTechnical has garnered many of the top candidates in their respective areas of expertise. CRTechnical always goes the extra mile to present people that match our criteria perfectly.”

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> 50 years of combined professional expertise

> Specializing in the “hard to find” person

> Unique individuals to upgrade skill-levels *Personality/Culture Matching

> Management. Engineering. IT. Marketing. Sales